Artist Index

By submitting an application to become a part of the Quad City Arts’ Artist Index, you agree to the following:

  • The images you submitted are your own, and if copyrighted you own the copyright.
  • Your work will be visible within your profile. Quad City Arts will take steps to prevent downloads of your work, but cannot guarantee site visitors won’t find a way to download your pictures. Quad City Arts does not offer watermarking, but you are free to watermark your images prior to upload. We recommend that you digitally crop your images by 20-100px around the edges so that if someone tries to claim ownership of one of your pieces of artwork, you will be able to demonstrate proof of ownership by showing the full, un-cropped piece.
  • You are not guaranteed membership into the Quad City Arts Artist Index. We review all applications by hand and will make every effort to respond in a timely fashion.
  • Membership in the Quad City Arts Artist Index does not guarantee you will be hired for commissions. Our customers will make up their own minds so be sure to display your best work!
  • Artists will be listed in random order on our search page. Every time a visitor comes to this page, the order will be re-randomized. Please do not label yourself as “AAA” to try to get to the front of the index.
  • At this time, Quad City Arts does not handle transactions between artists and customers. All transactions must be handled by the member artist.
  • By creating a profile on the artist index you will be enrolled in our artist opportunities newsletter.